AGM 2018

Join us at our next AGM which will be held on the 5th May 2018 at Millet’s Farm in Frilford, Oxfordshire  (OX13 5HB) between 2pm – 5pm.

We welcome participation from our charity base, and would like to encourage anyone interested to pose one question at the AGM, or vote for an existing question on the agenda. We therefore created this page as a place to view and democratically vote on active items. Each time a new question is put forward, it will be listed below and you can vote on it or ask a new question (if you’ve not already put one forward). At the AGM, we will prioritise questions by how many votes they have received and while we plan to discuss them all, if we run out of time the Board will discuss any left before the end of May. We will send emails to all those that asked questions with our answer/thoughts after the AGM.

Where we believe the question and reply would be interesting to other members, we will publish them on our website and Facebook.

You also have the option to signup to our AGM eNews. We would then email you about this and future AGMs giving you the dates, agendas and minutes.

We also need to make sure that you are happy with the Officers that run your charity, the Board, the Trustees and the Chairman that were voted in. Please tell us if you are happy or not with our appointments. 

Please note, the deadline for using either of the below forms is the 23rd April 2018.

Questions posed by other people

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