Guide for Schools

    – and other carers

From September 2014, schools in England have had to meet a duty to support children with medical conditions and follow statutory guidance issued by the Department for Education. The statutory guidance is available to read at–3.

The website also contains templates for detailed records to be kept of regular medication to be taken at school and so on.  School teachers and governors will be familiar with these records but they may be less familiar with the condition of alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency and how it may affect their young charges.

To assist teachers, school governors or anyone else looking after children we have produced a leaflet which explains in very simple terms what alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency is and how it may possibly affect a child in their care.  If you are the parent of an Alpha child, a teacher, a youth club leader, a dance class leader, etc. and you would like some copies of this simple guide then write or email – full details on our Contact page.

You can view the guide by using this link: Guide Booklet.  If you wish to print the guide then for best results set your printer’s paper size to A5.