If you have one of our Collection Tins and would like to get us the money, click here.  If you have one of our Collection Boxes, click here.


Our charity can only run with your help. We ship our booklets all over the UK to people for free and we can only continue to do this with your help from donations and fundraisers.

Even if you can only donate £1, it adds up and it will make a difference. We have some long-term members who have set-up monthly donations with Just Giving to help.
If your donation is the result of an event you have organised or been part of like a bake sale, coffee morning or something else, please let us know & if you have taken any photos, please send them to us as we would love to see.

If the donation is due to a bereavement, please let us know the name and address of each of the people who have supplied a cheque so that we can write to each of them individually and thank them.


The different ways you can send us money

PayPal Giving Fund (the preferred method)
PayPal Giving Fund gives us 100% of the donation & will email asking you if you are a tax payer and would like to claim Gift Aid from the government. This will not cost you anything, but will give us an extra 25% of the donation. You do not need a PayPal account, you just need a bank debit or credit card. You can make a donation by going here: Sadly PayPal Giving Fund do not notify us when somebody sends us a donation, so please drop us an email to let us know you have donated.


Just Giving
Just Giving is like PayPal Giving Fund where we receive 100% of the donation and you can also claim Gift Aid which gives us 25% extra. The main difference between the two is that Just Giving is more steered around supporting somebody who is fundraising for us by doing an event. You are able to donate to us directly by going directly to our donation page, to do this, click here. We sadly won’t get a notification if you use Just Giving, so please do email us on letting us know how much you donated and when as we always like to send our thanks.


Bank Transfer
We are more than happy to accept bank transfers if you would prefer to do it this way. Please email us on letting us know you would like to do a bank transfer. We will then give you the details for our donations account.


If you don’t like to use the internet or do not have it,  you can send us a cheque in the post. Please make it payable to ‘Alpha-1 Awareness UK‘ and send it to the below address. Please include your full postal address so that we can send you a letter back confirming receipt and thanking you (also can be helpful if there is an issue with the cheque).

Alpha-1 Awareness UK
PO Box 8294
DE45 9BF



If you have any questions about any of the different ways you can send us a donation, please get in touch with us by using our Contact Us page or sending an email to