2018 Celebration Day – Booking

Join us as we celebrate Alpha-1 Awareness’s 10th birthday! Festivities will include renowned speakers and Alpha-1 researchers, fun activities for the whole family like face painting and soft play, cake and refreshments, and the opportunity to meet and mingle with other Alphas from around the country. This event will be held on Saturday 7th July, 2018, at Millet’s Farm in Frilford, Oxfordshire (OX13 5HB) from 10 am to 4:30 pm, but please feel free to join us at 9:30 am for tea or coffee. Childcare will be arranged on site, so everyone can relax and join in the entertainment. Free car parking is available on site, and more information on facilities and how to get to Millet’s Farm can be found here.

This event is FREE for everyone to attend, but if you’d like to make a donation to help support the charity, you’re welcome to do so at JustGiving. To reserve a ticket, please fill out the below form with your name, email, postal address, and number of your party along with any dietary requirements.

Speakers & Valued Guests

We are very fortunate to have several very influential people coming to our Celebration Day to be able to share their knowledge of Alpha-1 to all that join us on the day.  Sadly we will not have time for everybody to be able to give a talk.
We do not like events where you sit and listen to people talk and once they are done you go home. We want you to have time to talk to others over a tea or coffee and be able to relax. Our plan is after all of the talks have completed, that we shall all have lunch, then afterwards mix up the tables and ask our valued guests to sit on different tables so that you our members can talk to them. How often do you get the chance to talk to an Alpha-1 Specialist in a relaxed environment where time isn’t an issue?


I am honored to be able to introduce you to our guests:

Dawn Heywood-Jones

One of our charity’s founding Trustees and previous Chair.
Dawn will give a short talk on her life battling AATD.

Karen Skålvoll

Team Alpha-1 Athlete, which is a sports team that works to educate about lung disease and Alpha-1 Antitrypsin deficiency in particular, through participation in sports events, speeches and participation in patient activities. The team aims for inclusion in all sports for people with lung diseases and recognition of O2 deficit as a Paralympic criteria.
Karen will be talking to us about her life with AATD and how her team are helping to bring awareness to the condition.

Dr Alice Turner

Dr. Turner is a Senior Clinical Lecturer and Consultant in Respiratory Medicine at University of Birmingham. Alice also leads the AATD service at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham known as ADAPT.

She has published widely in COPD and AATD, and has ongoing research projects funded by the Alpha 1 Foundation, EPSRC and others.
Her current research projects are largely on clinical aspects of COPD and AATD, genetic epidemiology/functional genetics in AATD, and shared pathogenesis of COPD and lung cancer. Her clinical work is mostly at Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust, where she is COPD lead, but she also leads the AATD service at Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Professor Bibek Gooptu

Professor of Respiratory Biology at University Of Leicester. Bibek also works at Glenfield Hospital in Leicester & the Alpha-1 Clinic at the London Royal Free. Bibek has recently agreed to take on referrals of people affected with AATD in the Leicester area.
Bibek will be available for questions after all of the talks have completed.

Professor Nedim Hadzic

Consultant in Paediatric Hepatology at Kings College London.
Dino will give us a background on children affected by AATD.

Professor David Lomas

Vice-Provost Health of UCL (University College London) & also Head of UCL Medical School.
David will be doing a talk on his research into finding a cure for AATD.


There are many hotels, B&B and other establishments that are relatively close to the venue that you can book a room for the Friday night (to get to us nice and early) or to make a weekend of it and spend more nights. We are unable to vouch for any of the places nearby as we are new to the area ourselves.The below information is simply what we have found out ourselves on the internet. We can’t be held responsible for them in any way.

The Board are staying at the Premier Inn in Oxford South (Didcot) hotel. Currently a double room for the night is £34 which can take 2 adults (the price may go up in time). Their family rooms which can take 2 adults and 2 children is the same price. To book a room here, you can click on this link to be taken directly to the booking page (we have put in the date for you, you just need click on the “change” button at the top to put in how many people and nights you will be staying). If you are going to stay there, I would recommend doing their Meal Deal which is for £24.99 as this gives you a 2 course meal + a drink in the evening and a full breakfast the next day. If you do book your Friday night here, please come find us in their dining room in the evening as we will be there (we have not set a time yet, but should be around 7:00pm). By all means say hello and join us at our tables, you will be most welcome.

There are many other places in the area with varying prices which we found on Booking.com (there are other hotel reservation websites out there). We have saved a link to a live search for the area for the Friday night which you can access here. The good thing with this site is you can see if they have rooms left and all about the venue.

Our ticket office for this event has now closed.