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Useful UK General & Travel Businessess

Useful General and Travel Businesses

The following businesses, individuals and organisations are all highly reputable and offer the finest levels of service available. We highly recommend them. Click on the title line to visit their website.

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Four Seasons Travel - luxury holidays and executive travel -

Four Seasons Travel is a leading independent travel retailer, highly skilled at planning luxurious and individual holiday experiences throughout the world. Having celebrated our silver centenary operating in the top sector of the leisure travel market, they have the capacity to satisfy the most discerning clients.

Their employees are carefully selected to provide the quality of service and style that places their client first and foremost. They continually hone their skills by sending staff to investigate a wide range of deluxe resorts around the globe firsthand, often flying first or business class, which enables them to offer pertinent information and advice when planning your next trip.

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Alpha-1 Awareness UK - Support for sufferers of alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency -

Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency is a genetic condition resulting from a lack of the alpha-1 antitrypsin protein in the blood. This protein serves to protect both the liver and the lungs and a lack of the protein can lead to emphysema and other serious lung and liver diseases. Alpha-1 Awareness UK is a British registered charity formed to provide information and support for sufferers of this condition, and to improve understanding of the condition in both patients, medical professionals and the general public.

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myTobago - the definitive tourist guide to Tobago -

myTobago is the definitive tourist guide to Tobago, boasting a readership greater than the combined total of every other website on, or exclusively about, Tobago.

This non-commercial website offers unbiased opinion, advice and review of every type of accommodation. In fact it offers the ONLY complete listing of hotels, guest houses, inns, holiday rental apartment, cottages, houses, luxury villas, restaurants, car rental agencies, sightseeing tour operators – in fact, of every type of business related to tourism on the island. The site also features a very active reader discussion forum where visitors post their own holiday reports, opinion and advice or ask questions in preparation for their vacation on the island.

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Austria Direct - romantic weddings in Austria -

Austria Direct have more than 20 years of experience arranging tailor-made holidays to the more select parts of Austria ignored by the major tour operators. For more than 10 years they have specialised in arranging weddings, honeymoons and ‘renewal of vows’ holidays to this beautiful and romantic country.

Accommodation can be provided in a range of high quality accommodation ranging from small pensions, pleasant guesthouses and in all grades of hotel, throughout Austria. If you are considering a wedding abroad, then Austria Direct should be high on your list.

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