Helping Research

The medical research sector spends many millions of pounds on basic biochemical research and drug development. Alpha-1 Awareness  does not have massive funds to contribute to these efforts. As of 2017, each year will donate 10% of the donations we received during the year to the people dong the vital work to find a cure as well as people researching Alpha-1 so that we better understand the condition..



£10,000 donation to the research of a cure for AATD

On the 27th February Cori Ruktanonchai (Secretary & Trustee) presented a cheque for £10,000 to Professor David Lomas to go to the research of a cure for Alpha-1.
You can read more about this here.

Thank you to all those who donated money to our charity. While I don’t think we could give this same huge amount next year, let’s try. Please help us find a cure.





£25,000 donation to the research of a cure for AATD

On the 20th January 2018 Alpha-1 Awareness went to London to see Professor David Lomas. We were there to make a £25,000 (yes, Twenty Five Thousand pounds) donation to go to the research of a cure for Alpha-1. We were shown around his different laboratories and inside many of the areas where they work including where they do the stem cell research (all sorts of boxes in the walls with glass fronts and holes with rubber gloves mounted in them). The equipment and different corridors were full of technology we have only seen before in movies. Sadly we weren’t able to take any photos inside the labs for security reasons. I was able to take a photo of one of the corridors though that lead to all the labs! I also saw that they have a great sense of humor where they have bake-off competitions for the staff.

Thank you to all those who donated money to our charity. While I don’t think we could give this same huge amount next year, let’s try. Please help us find a cure.





Visit to Kings College Hospital.

In October Emma & Alan Wooler with their 2 children Tyler & Amber, went to Kings College Hospital to present a cheque to Dr Dino Hadzic for his ongoing research into how Alpha 1 affects children with liver problems

After brief introductions Professor Hadzic kindly took us on a tour of Kings College Hospital. We felt so humbled at what we saw although also very emotional. It is always so very difficult to see young children in hospital and even harder when you’re a parent. The wards are compact but they have done wonders with the space they have and the wards look joyful and cheerful for the children. They have little cubby holes along the way for children to climb into and play. Everywhere we looked it was clear it had been well thought out to make it more comfortable for little ones and their families.

We were introduced to many of the staff who couldn’t have been more welcoming. The whole time Professor Hadzic seemed humbled by the donation of money. We were shown the research labs which was fascinating. I was not sure what we expected I guess like most people you imagine large white rooms with equipment covered in plastic and people wearing protective suits like you see in the movies. What we saw proved just how resourceful you can be. There was a long corridor with small rooms off and two large biohazard rooms. The rooms were where the biopsies were taken and researched. It was a busy place and we felt humbled to see the inner workings of the hospital and the research that was being con-ducted.

After over an hour the tour came to an end and it was time to hand over the cheque. Tyler and Amber had been perfect so far and now the interesting part. Would Tyler smile or pull a silly face (he is at that age!). He again proved my fears to be unfounded as he smiled happily at the nurse and handed her the cheque

Emma & Alan Wooler





Stem Cell Research at Addenbrookes Hospital

Bristol, 21 April 2012

Thanks to a donation from one of our supporters we were able to contribute to the work being done by Professor Lomas and team into repairing the genetic fault.

Bristol Meeting

Bristol, 21 April 2012

A full verbatim report of Professor Lomas’s presentation is available here (249Kb PDF).



This year we have made a larger grant of £1,000 to the Paediatric Liver Research Fund at King’s College, London.  As reported on the News page this sum has been matched by the Alpha One Foundation of America.

Over the years physicians at King’s have treated many thousands of children with liver failure.  There are 300 Alpha infants and children being cared for. The two grants are to assist in the analysis of their case histories, demographics and liver biopses for possible trends and clinical and biochemical markers. Their stored blood samples would then serve as a starting point for different research groups who might approach liver disease in AATD from different angles.

Doctor Hadzic at King’s has expressed his thanks for our donation and our arranging of the matching grant from America.




Last financial year (2008-2009) we helped fund Research at Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge. The money was to help stem cell research as it may be applied to a cure for alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency.