Car Sticker

Help bring awareness when you are out and about by displaying one of our car stickers in your vehicle (they work great in cars, vans, lorries, motorbikes,  and even mobility scooters which have clear screens).

Our stickers are not sticky, they cling to smooth surfaces like glass, so they can be removed at anytime and will leave no messy residue behind.


To request a car sticker, please fill in the below.

We are only able to send to the United Kingdom and Ireland due to shipping costs.

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How to affix the sticker to your vehicle

1. Turn the sticker over so it looks reversed.

2. Peal the inner circle from the paper backing.

3. It is now ready to be put in a window.

4. Place the sticker in your car.
Make sure that it does not obstruct your vision in any way.