Booklets for children

The 3 booklets below were created by the Alpha-1 Foundation in America.  We have been granted the rights to reproduce them with some edits so they are more inline with terminology used in England. If you would like to see the original booklets, you can find them here:

'A to ZZ'  (for 3 - 8 year old)

If you have an Alpha child between the ages of three and seven then you may find this booklet 'Alpha 1-Antitrypsin Deficiency Alphabet From A to ZZ' a great help in explaining the condition to them. Despite the long title the booklet is easy to read and quite upbeat. It may also be helpful to non-Alpha children in explaining the illnesses of their older relatives.

'Not the only Alpha-1'  (for 8 - 11 year olds)

For older children who have a better understanding of things. This can be read to a child by an adult or read by the child themselves. There may be some terminology they are not aware of that an adult would have to explain.

'Not the only Alpha' (teenage guide)

For children between 12-16 years old. Plain English with not too much technical jargon. Aimed to let a teenager know what it's all about.