How to open a Collection Tin

While our Collection Tins are made from hard plastic, they need to be opened up carefully as improper opening could shorten their life or break them.  Please follow the below instructions carefully.  If you struggle with any of the below, please drop us a message on our Contact Us page.

Using a flat tool like a screwdriver (do not use a sharp knife as this could damage the tin), peal the top sticker from the tin.
Starting at either the right or left corner of the sticker (as in the image to the right) can make it a bit easier.

If you are lucky the sticker will come away in a few large sections.  Sometimes though the sticker does not want to come off, so needs to be scraped off by the screwdriver.

Once all of the top sticker has been removed, put the tip of the screwdriver into the small hole on the right side of the tin.

Pull your hand down slowly, the lever action should pop the lid out.

Pull the lid aside, then turn it upside down and give it a bit of a shake so the coins can fall out.  Sometimes coins can get wedged in a corner, so if you think there are any stuck coins, give it a good shake.

Once all the coins are out, push the lid down.  You will see a small lip on the edge, push this down till you hear it pop in.

Once the lid has been pushed down fully, it should be flush to the sides.

Take a replacement sticker and peal it off the base sheet.  The best way to peel it off is to start where is says “Thank you” and to keep t as straight as you can.

Now the tricky bit.  Hold the black cord with your left hand, make the cord tort (this will make it a little thinner), place the sticky label around the cord (there is a small gap for it at the top), then align it to the edges of the tin.  Next, gently lower the label so that it doesn’t crease.

Once fully down, the edges should line up with the sides of the tin where it drops down (where the coins go).  As you can see in the photo, the notes hole doesn’t always line up.  This sadly is the way the labels have been made and affects most tins of this type.

Place your finger in the middle of the “Thank you” and press down firmly.  Move your finger to the right, pressing down, then do the same on the left side till you are happy that the sticker is firmly in place.

The top sticker should now be firmly in place.
It can be tricky to put these stickers on.  If you ruin a sticker or two trying to put a new label on, do not worry.