Request a Collection Box or Tin

Remember, every penny counts! Donations, no matter how small add up, please help us to continue our vital services.
Help us raise money and awareness by placing a collection tin in your local area, such as a shop, pub, hairdresser, coffee shop or GP surgery. A collection box in your kitchen, your office, your place of work, school or reception. Walk around your office with a Collection Bucket or keep it need some food at a bake sale.

If you would like one for a shop, just ask the business owner if they would be willing to display the tin and all you have to do is empty it at intervals.

It’s a rewarding way to raise money for people with Alpha-1 and it’s simple to do.

How to request a collection Box or Tin

Complete the form below and we’ll send you everything you need to place a tin, including a tin, security seals and full instructions.

If you need a collection tin for a different type of fundraising, please contact us on or by using our Contact Form so we can send you the most suitable materials.

While we would love to grant every request for a tin/box, sadly there may be times we won’t be able to.

Collection Box

Collection Bucket

Collection Tin

How we process a request

Once we receive your request we will look at the information you have provided us and we will work out if we think a Collection Box, Bucket or Tin is better for your needs.
We try our best to respond to all requests within 3 working days.  If though you haven’t had a response after 7 days, drop us a line as your request may have been lost in Cyber Space!

Put in a request

Please be aware you you must be 18 or over to request a box/tin.  We can only ship to addresses inside the United Kingdom & Ireland.




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