Paul Seager – 17th June 2017 – 45 Fell Walk

19th June 2018

Paul has done it! The plan was to do it within 48 hours and he has completed it in 47 hours and 35 minutes which is just astounding. They have raised a little over £2,100 (including Gift Aid) which is so much and we can’t put into words how much gratitude we have for them. Below is some of the dialog we had with Paul and his wife during Saturday when they started all the way to today, 3 days later when they finished. First off, I want to say a big thank you to Paul’s walking team:

Paul Seager
Raffe Coleman
Steven McGrady
Craig Benson
Simon Young
& also to all of the support team, family and friends who help support before and during the event, you are the behind the scene heros.


Saturday, 01:29 – Team set off



Saturday, 04:54 – Paul Seager: 5 fells down

Saturday, 06:37 – ‪Support Team‬: 7 fells down going strong
Saturday, 09:46 – ‪Support Team‬: They’ve done 10- Paul said number 10 was brutal!


Saturday, 21:28 – Paul Seager: We’ve completed part 1, off to start part 2, 21 fells down, 24 to to do
Saturday, 21:30 – Alan Wooler: Well done. What time are you stoping for sleep?
Saturday, 22:17 – Paul Seager: We’re not


Sunday, 12:32 – ‪Support Team‬: Morning! Sorry about lack of updates – there were a lots of injured feet after the first 21 and some had to stop as so blistered, a few carried on until 4 this morning and completed helvelyn! They’ve had a nap and I can’t believe it but they’ve just decided to go back out and finish the challenge!! They’re crazy, hottest day of the year – they’re so determined, I’ll keep you updated as much as signal will allow


Sunday, 13:22 – ‪Support Team‬: These were from last night – coming down off catbells, fell 21, and the second photo was taken before this – leaving honister slate mine. I’ll get more photos when I can from today – they’ve set off but we should see them in a few hours, 2 of the originals still going, paul and raffe, haven’t a clue on finishing times, early hours of the morning I think!

Sunday, 14:45 – ‪Support Team‬:  They’re off on the next stint, it’s boiling!


Sunday, 20:49 – Paul Seager: 5 left 😫


Sunday, 20:49 – Paul Seager:


Sunday, 21:09 – ‪Support Team‬: They’re doing amazingly, sorry about lack of updates minimal signal all afternoon. They’re going so well on the last few, Jack and I had to come home to get jack to bed but when we saw them at the top of kirkstone pass coming down red screes they were just about running down, don’t know where they’ve got this last bit of energy from. Still boiling out there but they’re on the home run! I hope you’re enjoying the sunshine this weekend ☀


Sunday, 21:43 – Support Team‬: They’ve got 3 left, they’re going to do it before the 48 hours is up!


Sunday, 23:25 – Paul Seager: All fells complete, need to climb down and sign the challenge off 😫


Monday, 09:13 – Paul Seager: Hi Alan crossed the finish line in 47 hours 35 minutes, think I’ll sleep for week.


So, Paul and his team have done it. Paul has sent me some other photos that were taken during their trek, I can only hope that they got plenty of sleep in this awful heat we are currently having.




18th May 2018

Paul has given us some photos of the Fells that he and his team will be walking through and the stunning views that really show the different seasons that they will be facing.
As we approach the date of the event we will be giving a little more info and then on the actual day we are going to have a semi-love link to Paul’s team who will be giving us updated photos of what they see and how they are doing. We will in turn be posting them here as soon as we get them.