British 10K Run – July 2018

This year we had 5 runners in the race, they were:

Niamh Gavin
Roisin Gavin (sisters)
Sinead Gavin
Josie Kane (friend of the Gavin sisters)
Jade Bay


Niamh Gavin

I have two sets of twins, Caoimhe and Cara aged two and Aodhán and Saoirse aged 3 months.

We recently found out that all four of my beautiful children have Alpha-1. I didn’t even know this lifelong illness existed until they were born! Sadly it affects their liver and lungs. Currently all four are doing really well and are defying the odds. However, having the illness means that they may need a liver transplant in their life. Initially it only affects the liver, but during adolescence and adulthood it starts to affect their lungs. This will lead to hospitalisation and they will have to live a very safe lifestyle.


Josie Kane

I am doing the 10km in Westminster to show my support to my dear Friend Roisin and her sisters (Niamh and Sinead). I could have just donated money, but what better way to donate, than just run with my pack and help raise more money 🙂


Jade Bay

When I was 21 I was diagnosed as a carrier of Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency. Alpha -1 is a genetic condition that not many people know about and can cause serious health problems. There was a 50/50 chance of me getting this. My dad has also got this however he is a carrier but getting serious symptoms.




The Gavin Sisters raised £4,935.62
Josie raised £1,409.06
Jade raised £300.00