Louise Balson – 7th April 2018 – Prague Half Marathon

Louise Balson ~ Prague Half Marathon ~  7th April 2018

This was Lou’s first half marathon with her brother James. 

“In just over 6 months I will be running the Prague Half Marathon with my biggest brother Jamie. It’s my first half marathon, and first time running a race since my school cross country days (bare in mind that was over 20 years ago!). I’ve never trained for a race. I run a handful of times a year, when I can be bothered, and it’s only ever 3-4 miles MAX, so a smidgen of a half marathon. This won’t be an easy task for me, despite what people may think of my fitness. I am not, and never have been, a runner. My family will vouch for that!
Help support me and others less fortunate by donating what you can, and providing me with encouragement … I’m gonna need it!   “


Lou raised for us a great £597 which we are so thankful for.

Below is a photo of Lou with her brothers.