Videos explaining the condition

When you are newly diagnosed with Alpha-1, or somebody close to you like a child has been, it can be a very scary time. You can do a lot of research on the internet, and will find people explaining it differently and often contradicting each other. You still might be confused or prefer somebody to explain it through a video. That is what this page is about. So we have searched the internet for you and found what we feel are the best videos explaining the condition to save you the worry of finding misleading information. We hope you will find these videos useful.


Please note that Alpha-1 Awareness UK did not make the videos, we found them and thought people may find them useful. We are not endorsing the companies that made the videos nor any links or connections they have. While we do think the videos are useful, we take no responsibility to any claims they make and are the views of the publisher and not our charity.


A US TV Show talking about Alpha-1. They talk about augmentation therapy which sadly is not available in the UK


The same TV show 3 years later who interview a man who was battling lung issues to then find it was Alpha-1.


Made by Alpha One Ireland, an Irish perspective of Alpha-1.