Our Booklets

We always do what we can to tell people about Alpha-1 and what it is all about. Sometimes though you need a booklet that you can read for yourself in your own time, give to family members or take to your doctor so they too can learn more.

We are very proud to be able to give you in digital or printed form a set of different booklets/leaflets that should help answer many questions you have about Alpha-1. Most of the guides are in A5 size and have been created with as little technical jargon as possible.

If you click on any of the guides below, it will launch the .pdf version in a new window so that you can read and even print them off.

'Newly Diagnosed'

This is designed for people who do not know much about Alpha-1 or those who want to learn more about the condition.

'Living with Alpha-1'

This gives information on things you can do to help your body stay stronger for longer. It explains things like exercise, diets and every-day items to stay away from which may harm your lungs.

If your doctor isn't sure if you should be tested, or they would like to learn more about AATD themselves, we have them covered.

'Could your patient be an Alpha?'

This leaflet was made for doctors. It explains a little about what AATD is and why it is a good idea for somebody should be tested and who should be tested.

'Diagnosis & Treatment'

Created for medical professionals that have a patient who is an Alpha who would like to better understand how they are affected. If your doctor does not know much about Alpha-1, this is the booklet for them.

We have also created a booklet for parents of Alpha children & a leaflet for Playgroups, Schools and other groups/people who look after Alpha children:

'Alpha-1 Children'

This booklet is intended for parents of children affected by Alpha-1 of all types, and has been designed as a stand-alone booklet to explain the background of Alpha-1, how the condition is inherited, and what positive lifestyle changes parents can implement for their children to promote the healthiest lives possible.

This is the perfect booklet to give to extended family members like grandparents who need to know about the condition without reading several booklets. It can also be read along with our other booklets to get a broader understanding of the condition

'A Guide for School'

This 'guide' was created for people who look after children. This could be a Pre-School, a school, after school care all the way to private day care.
This 2-page A5 leaflet give a general overview of what Alpha-1 is and things to be careful of that may harm and Alpha like fumes and pollution.

We also have booklets for children to help them understand the condition.

The 3 booklets below were created by the Alpha-1 Foundation in America.  We have been granted the rights to reproduce them with some edits so they are more inline with terminology used in England. If you would like to see the original booklets, you can find them here: www.alpha1.org/Alphas-Friends-Family/Publications/Alpha-1-Kids-Books

'A to ZZ'  (for 3 - 8 year old)

If you have an Alpha child between the ages of three and seven then you may find this booklet 'Alpha 1-Antitrypsin Deficiency Alphabet From A to ZZ' a great help in explaining the condition to them. Despite the long title the booklet is easy to read and quite upbeat. It may also be helpful to non-Alpha children in explaining the illnesses of their older relatives.

'Not the only Alpha-1'  (for 8 - 11 year olds)

For older children who have a better understanding of things. This can be read to a child by an adult or read by the child themselves. There may be some terminology they are not aware of that an adult would have to explain.

'Not the only Alpha' (teenage guide)

For children between 12-16 years old. Plain English with not too much technical jargon. Aimed to let a teenager know what it's all about.