Just Giving – How to setup a page

Creating a JustGiving page and pointing it to our charity to help fund raise for us is very simple and doesn’t take long.  There are 2 steps to get a page up and running.

  1. Create a JustGiving account
  2. Create a fundraising page.

If you have made a donation in the past to somebody else’s Just Giving page, then you will already have a Just Giving account, so you can skip the first section of this guide and go directly to creating a page.  To do this, click here.

If you have not made a donation to somebody through Just Giving or you would like to setup a new account, follow the below first step to create one.


1. Creating a JustGiving Account

1. Go to the website www.justgiving.com.

2. In the tp right corner, click on ‘Sign up



3. Type in your Name and email address (for this example I will use ‘john@alpha1.uk’).  Then create a password & select if you wish to receive promotional emails from Just Giving.  When done, click on the button ‘Sign up‘.

















The button will now show ‘Please Wait‘.  It should take only a few moments for your account to be created.

4. Your account is now setup.  While you could create a new fundraising page, it is a good idea to add a profile image of yourself so people can see that it is you.  To do this, click on the image to the left of your name.









5. If you have a photo on your computer/phone that you would like to use, click on the button ‘Upload‘.  If you would prefer to use an image that is in your Facebook account, click on ‘Us Facebook photo’ (for the remainder of this guide, we will use a photo that is on our device).










6. Navigate to the photo that you would like to use (It is a good idea to use a photo that is more square than rectangle) and select it.  When it has finished uploading, it will look like the below.










7.  Your account is not all ready!  To create your fundraising page, click on the orange button ‘Start fundraising‘ at the bottom of your screen.











8. Click on the option ‘A charity‘.







9.  You now need to give it your address so it knows you live in the UK. Type in your post code and then click on the magnifying glass icon to search for your address.











10. A list of addresses may be displayed that you can select from.  If that is not the case for you, type in your full postal address, then click on the button ‘Continue‘.

















11. In the search box, type in ‘Alpha-1 Awareness‘ then click on the button ‘Search‘.  On the list of charities, click on the button ‘Select‘ for our charity.









12. There are 4 options to select from, click on the description below which you think best matches what you are doing.  The guide will then continue.

Organised event‘ – If you are doing an event through a company and many other people will also be doing it at the same time (like a marathon).  The event itself needs to have been added by the company that is organising it, so normally only big national events will be listed.  If your event isn’t listed, it doesn’t matter, you can give it the information yourself.
Personal occasion‘ – If you are asking people not to buy gifts for your birthday or wedding and to instead ask them to make a donation.
In memory‘ – If somebody close to you has passed away and you would like donations to come to us in their memory.
Personal challenge‘ – If you are doing something personal like shaving your head, walking a set amount in a month or even sitting in a bath of baked beans, then this is the best choice for you.