Just Giving – Organised Event

For this example, we are going to create a page for ‘TrekFest The Peaks’ (a great hike!).

1. Most big companies will have added their events.  If they haven’t you can add your own.  Type in the name of your event, then click on the button ‘Search‘.
When I searched for ‘trekfest the peaks’ it came up with no results.  I then did a search for ‘Trekfest’ and it did come up with results, 1 for the Beacons and 1 for the Peaks.  If your search doesn’t find any results, try changing the name to see if they listed it under something else.




2.  If it found your event, click on the button ‘Select‘ to the right of it.  If it did not find your event and you need to give it the details, click here.








3.  If you are doing the event in memory of somebody, tick the box under ‘Your event‘.





4.  You get to choose part of the web page address, this will be the bit after ‘wwwjustgiving.com/fundraising/’.  The box was already filled  in for me, but it said (in red) that somebody was already using it.  Change the text in the box to something else you like, if it is available to you, the box below it will go green (like the 2nd image below).  You are able to use letters, numbers and a hyphen.









5.  The next question should always be ‘No‘ as we do not give gifts to people for helping us as a benefit.







6.  If this is an event that you are organising you need to select ‘No‘.  If we are giving you a ticket to an event that we have paid for, then you need to select ‘Yes‘ as we will have paid for your ticket.






7.  By all means select either of the options for notification by us, it is your choice.  You do need to tick both of the boxes before clicking on the button ‘Create your page‘.










Your page will now be created which should only take a few moment.

While your page is ready to be used, it would be a good idea to make it more personal by adding some text about your event.


8.  Click on the button ‘Personalise‘ at the top of the screen.















9.  A random amount will be placed in the ‘fundraising goal’, if you would like to change this to a different amount, now would be a perfect time.  It would also be a good idea to add a photo of yourself or of the event.  Click on ‘Change image‘ on the left, then follow the instructions on how to update it.









10.  If somebody else is joining you in the event and you would like people to know, you can list them in the ‘Other participants‘ box.




11.  People would like to know what you are doing and why, here you can tell them.  It doesn’t need to be that long, but if you want to tell people your background and why you are doing it, it may help with getting donations.  Put as little or as much as you would like.  Once you are finished, click on the button ‘Save and continue‘ at the top of the page.










12.  The last thing you need to do is to tell people where the page is.  If you want to tell people in Facebook, click on the button ‘Share‘ at the top of the page.  If you want to email somebody a link or use another social media platform, scroll to the top of the screen and right click in the address bar box (the ‘www.‘ bit), this should select the full address and turn it blue as will as bring up a small menu.  Click on ‘copy‘ to copy the address.  Once done, you cane ‘paste‘ it where you need it to go.













Congratulations, you have now setup your own JustGiving page and it is ready for people to see it and start making donations.