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After asking our members for input and listening to their suggestions, we have decided to break our newsletter into 6 individual categories (listed below) which people can subscribe to, based on their own interests. Therefore, as of the 1st March 2018, our newsletters will follow this improved format, allowing our members a more tailored experience for hearing about news and updates, and allowing us to update our members more frequently throughout the year.
All those who subscribe to ‘AGM News’ or ‘Charity News’ (which also subscribes you to AGM News) will get voting rights at our charity meetings and can help to steer us with big decisions we need to make. Subscribing to this category will update you on when the next AGM will be held and what items are up for voting. You may subscribe to as many or as few categories as you want, it is your choice, your charity. For more information on this, see below.

Newsletter categories

Below are the new categories which members can subscribe to, along with information on what these categories entail, as well as how many emails you can expect each year. The number of emails you may receive will vary based on how much there is to update, if these emails become too much, you may unsubscribe at any time.

Charity News – General information about our charity and the World of Alpha-1. Subscribing to this category also subscribes you to ‘AGM News’
AGM News – Information on when we will hold our Annual Group Meeting and how you can join them, as well as what issues the charity is voting on
Info Days – News about when we will hold our Information Days
Lunches – Updates on when and where we hold our local meet up Lunches
Fundraising Events – Info on allocated tickets for events like London Marathon, British 10K run, TrekFest and other National or large Regional events
Shop News – New shop products, promotional deals and general shop updates

You can change what you are subscribed to or completely unsubscribe at any time, which will be listed at the bottom of every email. If you sign up to one category, you may always change your preferences later on.



We use Double Opt-In for our newsletter.  This means that you will receive another email asking you to confirm that you want to sign up.
You will not be signed up to our newsletter until you confirm in this email.  We do this so it is impossible for somebody else to sign you up without your knowledge (if you do not receive this email within the hour, please check your Junk or Spam folder as it may have gone in there by mistake).



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