Old Newsletters

In April 2019 we switched our Newsletters over to digital means.  We are still creating a printed newsletter which we will send out, but these will be limited as we want to lower our carbon footprint as well as costs related to printing.


Please note that some of the advice and links may now be outdated.

Newsletter – Issue 22 – March 2018 – Retirements & New Board members.

Newsletter – Issues 21 – April 2017 – Retirements & New Board members.

Newsletter Issue 20 Jan 2014 Alpha-1 Alliance Parliamentary Seminar, Patient Centredness in Health Research

Newsletter Issue 19 Sept 2013 Rapid testing for the Z allele, AAT levels, Alpha-1 Carriers

Newsletter Issue 18 May 2013 50th Anniversary Info Day in Bristol, Air pollution in the home

Newsletter Issue 17 January 2013  50 Years of Alpha-1, Alpha-1 in the EU – Expert Recommendations, Alpha Europe Federation

Newsletter Issue 16 Oct 2012 News about Clinical Trials, Update from the Alpha-1 Alliance

Newsletter Issue 15 July 2012 Exacerbations, Natural Cleaning Products

Newsletter Issue 14 April 2012 Presentation by Professor David Lomas

Newsletter Issue 13 January 2012 Bronchiectasis

Newsletter Issue 12 Oct 2011 ERS Congress Report, Lunch and Learn (Milton Keynes)

Newsletter Issue 11 July 2011 Information Day in Scotland, Named Patient Programme, Patients in NICE Seminar

Newsletter Issue 10 Talecris announce a Named Patient Programme, Understanding Pulmonary Exacerbations

Newsletter Issue 9 White Paper: Equity & Excellence (NHS), National Plan for Rare Diseases, Medical negligence (true story)

AAW Newsletter issue 8 Nebulisers

AAW Newsletter issue 7 Alfa Europe Annual Congress in London

AAW Newsletter issue 6 Drug Trial for ADAPT (personal story), GPs prescribing steroids and antibiotics to keep at home

AAW Newsletter Issue 5 Alpha-1 Liver Disease, Patient Advocacy Groups in the EU and the UK

AAW Newsletter Issue 4 Influenza

AAW Newsletter Issue 3 What is meant by the term Alpha-1 Carrier? An Alpha Carriers personal experience, 4th European Congress

AAW Newsletter Issue 2 Stem Cell Research

AAW Newsletter Issue 1 Report on the EXACTLE Trial, Scottish Alpha-1 Patient Meeting