Date:26 February, 2014

Specialised Services

NHS England has today launched a 12 week consultation on changes to 15 specialised service specifications.   The consultation can be accessed here.

The list of specifications being consulted upon is :

A06/S/a Home haemodialysis Service Specification
A06/S/a In centre haemodialysis
A06/S/c Peritoneal Dialysis Service Specification
A06/S/e Assessment and Preparation Renal Replacement Therapy
A06/S-d AKI Service Specification
A10/S/a Adult Cardiac Surgery Service Specification
D01/S/d Complex Disability Equipment Prosthetics Service Specification
E07/S/a Paediatric Critical Care – Level 3
E07/S/b Paediatric Critical Care – Level 2
E07/S/c Paediatric Long Term Ventilation
E07/S/d Paediatric Critical Care Transport
E08/S/a Neonatal Critical Care
E08/S/b Neonatal Critical Care Transport
E10/S/(HSS)a Gestational Trophoblastic Disease
E10/S/a Complex Gynaecology – Severe Endometriosis

The list does not include any consultations on respiratory diseases (A14. Specialised Respiratory).