Date:27 February, 2019

Alpha-1 Awareness donates £10,000 to the research of a cure

27th February 2019

Alpha-1 Awareness is dedicated to contributing a minimum of 10% of its funds raised towards research to find a cure for this condition. In 2018, we went above and beyond this target, donating £25,000 to the patron of the Charity, Prof Lomas, Vice-Provost of Health at University College London (UCL). In 2019, we have continued this tradition, donating £10,000 towards Prof Lomas’ continued research towards a cure.

University College London, Wilkins Building


Travelling on behalf of the charity, Cori Ruktanonchai, Secretary & Trustee, met Prof Lomas at UCL in February, touring the premises and chatting with Prof Lomas about his ongoing research. It was a cold, grey day, with the threat of recent snow still hanging in the air, but seeing the lively quads and newly built student union at UCL warmed my heart and reminded me of my Uni days. UCL boasts an impressive and modern campus, and is one of the UK’s leading health research institutions, with over 13,000 staff and 38,000 students located in the heart of London.

Prof Lomas outshined the ornate dome and modern cloisters of the Wilkins Building, though, discussing his current research progress towards finding a cure for Alpha-1, beginning during his days as a graduate student at the University of Cambridge. Over the course of his career, he has been dedicated to describing the underlying biological mechanisms which characterise the disease, and works closely with pharmaceutical agencies like GlaxoSmithKline to develop treatments and cures targeting these unique mutations and morphologies. His enthusiasm and dedication towards finding a cure for this devastating condition was evident as he spoke of recent promising breakthroughs in animal models that he and his research team led. With hopes of beginning human trials over the coming years, these breakthroughs offer hope and optimism to all those affected by this devastating and often debilitating condition.

Cori presents a cheque of £10,000 to Prof Lomas

Alpha-1 Awareness is proud to support Prof Lomas and his ongoing research, and humbled to call him the patron of our Charity. Speaking of the Charity’s ongoing support, Prof Lomas states, “Currently, the only option for patients with liver disease as a result of AATD is transplantation. The support of organisations such as Alpha-1 Awareness enables us to continue to make great strides forwards in terms of finding cutting edge treatments that will make a real and tangible difference to those who are affected. We are incredibly grateful to … Alpha-1 Awareness who continue to support our research.”