Date:13 May, 2014

ADAPT Funding

Grifols are withdrawing core funding from the ADAPT project as of June 2014. We will be sending letters out to patients over the coming months to let them know that in the short-term we will be unable to see them due to this withdrawal of funding. I am sure it is going to create a lot of upset/anxiety amongst the ADAPT patients but we will do our best to address their concerns as they arise and will of course still be here to answer queries over the telephone.
We do still having funding for specific alpha-1 projects so a proportion of patients will continue to be seen on a yearly basis as usual and we are currently seeking further funds which will then continue to fund the programme.
We will still be seeing new patients and the project is still running but because of the core funding withdrawal it will be running at a reduced capacity.
Obviously, any queries please let me know.
With kind regards.
Mrs. Rebecca Bray
ADAPT Project Co-ordinator