Date:02 September, 2017

Amanda Stimpson – Joins the Charity Board

2nd September 2017 – 

Amanda was diagnosed as being an Alpha end of 2016, she like everybody who is told they have a condition that they have never heard of, was very worried about he future. Amanda found our charity and we were able to put her mind to rest by giving her all the information she needed. From there Amanda became very active on our Facebook Group helping to talk to others who were diagnosed and scared of what the future held for them. We were so impressed with how Amanda spoke to people and how she really cared. We asked Amanda to join us with no job role, but to help in the general day to day running of the charity. Like all our Board members, Amanda will take on small projects from time to time to help expand what we do and how we do it and help make sure that we never get stuck in a rut and not change with time which is so easy.

We are now 7 Board members & a very happy Alpha family.