Date:07 May, 2017

BBC TV Show ‘Doctors’ to show Alpha-1 patient


On the 8th May 2017 @ 13:45 on BBC 1, The TV Show ‘Doctors’ shows a family affected by Alpha-1

The episode is titled: Lizzie’s Last Stand

It is not very often that we see Alpha-1 mentioned in a TV show, so this is excellent publicity for the condition as many people will be seeing this and hearing about Alpha-1 for the first time. They may still know nothing about it when the show finishes or remember it later on, but it is a great start and will help a lot to get it known out there.



While the episode has already aired, it will be available for 29 days, so in theory you can still watch it on the BBCi Player till the 6th June 2017. You can watch it by clicking on the below link.