Date:06 February, 2015

Consultation on Specialised Service

NHS England has launched its public consultation on how it will prioritise its investment in specialised services and treatments.

In parallel with the consultation, NHS England is holding several workshops which you are invited to attend.  The consultation is open to everyone. The workshops are aimed at people with an interest in specialised services: patients, carers, doctors and health service commissioners and anyone else with an interest in specialised services.  The workshops will provide attendees the opportunity to find out more and join discussions on the consultation.

At the present time there is a specialised service for Alpha children with liver disease.  There is no specialised service for Alpha adults with respiratory problems.

This statement is from NHS England:-

With financial challenges ahead, NHS England has to make important decisions about where and how to spend resources to get the best outcomes for patients.  NHS England directly commissions around 145 specialised services. In order to ensure the maximum number of patients benefit from new innovative treatments coming on stream, choices need to be made about which of these to fund.  This means that we have to make difficult decisions about how to prioritise our resources.  To help make these choices NHS England is proposing a new prioritisation approach (or framework) that includes a clear set of principles and processes.  This event will discuss the prioritisation framework in more detail, giving delegates an opportunity to find out more and express their views. 

Anyone can register for the events by going to the links below.

17th March (London)

18th March (Bristol)

23rd March (Midlands)

25th March (Leeds)

Alternatively one can reply directly to the consultation by visiting:

This consultation is open until the 27th April 2015.