Date:30 July, 2014

European Medicines Agency

The EMA (European Medicines Agency) is organising a Scientific Advisory Group (SAG) meeting for a medicine currently being assessed to decide if it should be prescribed as a treatment to slow the underlying causes of emphysema in adults with alpha-proteinase inhibitor deficiency (AATD).

EMA are inviting people with alpha-1 and COPD to get involved:
– to discuss issues related to the safety and efficacy of this medicine,
– to help decide whether it is safe a beneficial for the medication to be used in a new way or not

Several European experts and patient representatives’ can take part in the meeting. The role of the patient participant is to complement the meeting by providing a patient (real-life) viewpoint (where appropriate).

The meeting will be held at the EMA offices in London on 11 November 2014. They will cover travel, accommodation. If you or someone you know might be interested in this opportunity, please get in contact with Sarah Masefield at the European Lung Foundation.  

Below is a you tube video that explains all about the agency and what a SAG meeting is like: