Date:03 April, 2017

JW Walsh Fund to Cure COPD

The JW Walsh Fund to Cure COPD has been established to honor John W. Walsh, founder of the COPD Foundation. Often referring to himself as the “impatient patient”, John’s call to action was to educate, engage and empower. His contributions to empowerment of patients are unprecedented.

John’s voice changed the way research studies are designed and executed, the way industry views the patient voice and even changed the way patients are integrated into medical education. John dedicated much of his life to his commitment to speeding the development of new therapies and a cure for COPD.

John’s family has requested that donations in his memory be made to the JW Walsh Fund to Cure COPD, which will be administered by the Foundation.

The COPD Foundation remains strongly committed to John’s vision. Through his initiatives, the Foundation’s work engaged in research to better understand the disease, educating patients and providers on how to improve care delivery and quality of life, and empowered a vibrant community for all affected. Programs developed under John’s leadership were far-reaching, covering all facets of a uniquely patient-centered approach. That approach is now recognized as being revolutionary.

Funds from the JW Walsh Fund to Cure COPD will be used to achieve the mission that John set forth, ensuring his memory will live on and continue to uplift lives while searching for a cure for COPD.


The text has been taken from the COPD Foundation. The original article can be found here.