Date:01 July, 2017

New Logo and Domain name

1th July 2017 – 

We announced in April we were donating 10% of all donations to finding a cure for Alpha-1. We now wish to announce 2 more exciting changes. We were the first alpha-1 support group to receive charity status in the UK, Wales and Scotland. We created our internet presence with our website, we were proud of how well it was received. With the creation of new web domains we are now changing our address to make it simpler to type in and remember, the new location of our website is

The 2nd change will be the modernisation of our logo. It will be phased in over time starting with Facebook and website on 2nd July. We will not be disposing of anything with the old logo, and will continue to send booklets and sell items in our shop with the original logo until stocks run out.
We our very proud of our charity and hope you like our new modern look and simpler web address!