Date:02 May, 2021

Our Chairman steps down

On the 26th September 2021, our chairman Alan Wooler is to step down due to personal commitments.

For those who are not aware, the majority of the Board of directors who run our charity also have day jobs.  Alan works in IT and has been with the same company for over 12 years.  His duties are going to be changing soon and this is going to reflect heavily on the time that he will have available to be able to work for the charity.

“I am very sorry to be leaving.  I love the charity very much and am very proud of what we have been able to achieve.  It would not be fair for me to continue as Chairman as I could not dedicate the time that the charity needs.”  Alan Wooler

The charity Board is having a re-shuffle with job roles so that some of Alan’s roles are taken. Cori Warren Ruktanonchai will be taking over as acting Chair & Pauline Laybourne MBE will be taking on the Secretary role from Cori.

Not all of Alan’s roles are able to be taken, so the charity will be adverting for the below roles:

Social Media Manager
Shop Manager
Public Liaison

If you would be interested in helping the charity, please let us know through our ‘Contact Us’ form.