Date:20 March, 2015

Pledge for Patients

Rare Disease UK, Genetic Alliance UK and SWAN UK have joined forces to launch their first joint campaign.

They write: “We’ve created a pledge card to ensure that whoever forms the next Government will be committed to ensuring patients affected by rare, genetic or undiagnosed conditions get access to the right care and treatment.

“By signing the pledge card we will have a signed commitment that we can use to hold each elected member to account.

“In order to get MPs and parliamentary candidates (the candidates who hope to be elected) to sign up to the pledge card we need your help. Please contact your MP or parliamentary candidate and ask them to sign the pledge card.

“We have a dedicated website: with more information and tools to help you contact your local representative – including template letters. At the moment the campaign is focused towards representatives from the Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats. However we can also help with candidates from the Green Party, Scottish National Party, etc too. Just get in touch!

“We are also asking our member patient organisations to please promote the Pledge for Patients campaign via email and social media using #pledge4patients

“If you need any help or assistance please contact us at: .”