Date:13 January, 2021

Z Factor to host a virtual meeting for Alpha-1 Awareness to give a summary of their trial medicine and their overall programme


We were pleased to announce back in August 2020 that the first person was dosed with ZF874, a potential treatment for alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency.  Then on the 24th September we published the details for HMR who are running the trail on behalf of Z Factor, asking for PiMZ people to help.  The trail has since opened up to all people who have at least one faulty ‘Z’ allele which means that more people can get involved.

We at Alpha-1 Awareness are fully aware that the thought of joining a medicine trial can be daunting and it may put some off.  Without trails though, no medicine could be approved and many conditions wouldn’t have treatments or cures.  It is absolutely vital that people apply to go on medical trials.


Jim Huntington (Z Factor’s Founder and COO) has offered to host a virtual meeting, where they will give a summary of their trial medicine and their overall programme and then do a Q&A along with Trevor Baglin (Z Factor’s Chief Medical Officer) for our charity members so that we can all learn more about the potential treatment.  This is not a public meeting that we will be joining, this will be run just for us.  Nathalie Hopchet (Clinical Project Management Team Leader from HMR) hopefully will also be joining the meeting.


The virtual meeting will be taking place on Saturday 23rd January 2021 @ 15:00 via Zoom.

If you would like to attend this free meeting, please use the below form.  We will give out details on how to join the event to all that have requested to join closer to the date.




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