Date:24 May, 2014

SHCA Parliamentary Event

The Specialised Health Care Alliance is planning an ambitious Parliamentary Engagement Programme to take place in Westminster on the 17th June.

From 11.30am, patients and clinicians will be meeting their MPs to discuss their experiences of specialised care, including any service-specific concerns they might have. The Specialised Health Care Alliance (SHCA) will be based in a Committee Room, along with further supporting information, where attendees can meet their MPs and discuss issues with them. A parliamentary reception will be held from 4pm to 6pm, with parliamentarians and major health leaders joining SHCA members to discuss overarching issues in specialised services.

A room has kindly been booked by Alison Seabeck MP. As a member of the SHCA we have been invited to register to attend the reception, as well as to nominate patients who might be interested in taking part in the lobby.  Please contact us at Parliamentary Event if you are interested in taking part.

In order to be successful, a strong turnout will be required from patients across the range of specialised services. The SHCA has also been in touch with the heads of the Clinical Reference Groups (the people who define what the specialised services will be) to invite them to attend the lobby and meet their MPs and will seek to co-ordinate these meetings with those organised by patients, to maximise the value of the event for all concerned. The SHCA will also be looking to increase its social media presence in support of the event.

The Specialised Health Care Alliance website is at