Sublimation Printing

Sublimation Printing




We can print on a few different types of mugs, 6oz, 9oz, 10oz and 11oz.  We currently only stock white 10oz and 11oz mugs.  If you would like a coloured mug or a black thermal cup which is black when cold and then the graphics shows when hot, speak to us and we shall see what we can buy.  Otherwise, if you provide the mug, we can print on it (speak to us before ordering anything in case what you want isn’t compatible with our system).

When you put an 11oz and 10oz mug side by side, they don’t look too different.  The 11oz can take 45ml more liquid, so if you like your coffee, then this is the mug for you.



There are 2 templates for the 2 different sizes, The first is in Adobe Illustrator and then in Microsoft Publisher.  To download, click on the below links.

Adobe Illustrator Template – Mug

Microsoft Publisher Template – Mug – 11oz
Microsoft Publisher Template – Mug – 10oz


Adobe Illustrator
There are 2x template layers for the two different sizes.  Show the one for the mug you wish to print on.  Use the layer “Artwork” for all of your artwork.  When you are finished with the design, please hide all layers apart from the “Artwork” one and then same the file as an Adobe Illustrator file (CS6 or lower) as well as a .pdf copy, then send me both files.







Microsoft Publisher
When you open either template you will see the below.  The 2 images of mugs are purely there so you now how your print will be placed around the mug.  These will need to be deleted once you are finished with your design.

The red large rectangle is the absolute line.  Anything on our outside of this image will either not be printed or will be and will be smudged/burred around the edge of the mug.  Please make sure that nothing goes outside the red line.  If you do have any artwork over the red line, please draw a white box of something over it so that it will not print.

The two black squares show you the view-able area while you hold the mug as a left or right handed person.  You can print whatever you want inside the red area, but note that you would need to rotate the mug in your hand to properly see anything outside of the black square areas.

There are guidelines where the red and black lines are, so before you start to create your artwork, please delete the lines.  The Guidelines will stay and they will show you the areas.  The only reason the red and black lines are there now is it is easier to see them to fully understand the printable areas.

Once you have finished your artwork, please save the publisher file and then also save it as a .pdf file and pass me both files.  The reason why I also need it as a .pdf file is so I can confirm the fonts used as I may not have them installed on my system.  If you are using fonts that I do not use and I can’t download them for free, I may need you to provide me the fonts on a USB memory stick from you computer.